Voncara Cove, an adventurous novel

    Fall in love with Nattie. Her quick wit, bubbly personality, superior intellect, and childlike playfulness will tickle your heart. She loves her best friend Jase with all her being; if only she could get him to feel the same way. She follows Jase everywhere he goes, on every adventure. Jase is obsessed with winning the pirate competition. He has won the youth and teen division for the past three years running.

    One day, while rummaging through ancient books for costume ideas in a rustic bookstore, Nattie and Jase make an amazing discovery. They find an ancient book that sets them off on an incredible and mysterious adventure. Their perilous quest finds them running for their lives while searching for buried treasure. What fate holds their future and that of their planet as they uncover the mysterious past of the infamous pirates that forged their future? Hop onboard for an adventurous tale of true love, destiny, action, and intrigue.

    Voncara Cove is an exciting and playful steampunk adventure with thrilling action, intriguing mystery, and true love. Jase and Nattie uncover a mystery from a time past when infamous pirates ruled the seas. They find themselves running for their lives while searching for buried treasure. Holding tightly to one another, they fight against the odds and end up saving their planet from an alien invasion. Roll up your sleeves and draw your sword for a refreshingly enjoyable journey.

About the author

    George L. Babec currently lives in Knoxville, Tennessee. He enjoys living in the mountains but has fond memories of life by the sea. He enjoyed watching tall sailing ships enter the port of Norfolk, Virginia for Operation Sail and meeting the crews from around the world. George occasionally adorns his pirate costume to attend renaissance festivals for pirate week. His love for tall sailing ships and the renaissance era provided inspiration in the writing of Voncara Cove.

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